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Then + Now: 80 Years of Collecting Contemporary Art for Wales / Ddoe + Heddiw



Published in association with the Contemporary Art Society for Wales

72 pages, 42 illustrations; perfect bound softback, 210mmx210mm

parallel bilingual text in Welsh and English

Welsh artists haven’t always benefitted from appreciative curators or fair-minded audiences in their own times. Since 1938, the Contemporary Art Society for Wales has purchased their work and given it to museums, galleries and public institutions. It has acquired nearly 900 paintings, prints, photographs, films, craft works and sculptures. Whether considered challenging or safe, cutting-edge or outmoded, this distributed collection has been for 80 years a fundamental record of what was happening in Welsh art, a legacy to be preserved and shared by all.

Then + Now
Why collect Welsh art?
Starting the collection
Sixties to nineties
Collecting now
Where are they now?
Supporting CASW