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Romancing Wales: Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape since 1770


by Peter Wakelin

Published to coincide with the exhibition Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape, Museum of Modern Art Machynlleth 2016

Softback, 56 pages, 38 illustrations, 148x210mm

For 250 years, the Welsh landscape has inspired romantic visual art. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, romantic artists learned to see in new ways from the Welsh father of
landscape painting Richard Wilson. For many of them, including the young J. M. W. Turner and John Sell Cotman, experiencing new environments in Wales transformed their work.

In the mid twentieth century, Wales helped to fuse romanticism
with modernist styles through the work of artists such as David
Jones, John Piper, Graham Sutherland and Ceri Richards. Today, it continues to inspire artists as diverse as painter David Tress,
conceptual artist Tim Davies and photographer Helen Sear.

Dr Peter Wakelin has written for Planet, The Guardian, Art Review and Modern Painters. His books include Hidden Histories: discovering the heritage of Wales, Worktown: the drawings of
Falcon Hildred and An Art Accustomed Eye: John Gibbs and art appreciation in Wales. Peter was formerly Secretary of the Royal
Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales and Director of Collections and Research at Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales. He curated the exhibition Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape.